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Our company is more than just another average online store. We sell not only products of the highest quality, but are able to give our customers a positive shopping experience online. We have a wide assortment of high quality products, we are the official representative and manufacturer of many products have own brand "MEDLAN." Take care of every customer by providing individual prices come from understanding to any needs and requirements. Our experts will help you choose products according to your wishes, will provide full information and inform you all current promotions and special offers. We work to make your business more profitable and your life more enjoyable.We - a team of professionals!

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Wide range

We think the convenience of your choice. Our company has a wide product range from economic to luxury version of the product. Allowing you to select the product of your choice and your requirements. Moreover, you can find on our website, promotions, special offers and gifts. We are constantly updating and expanding its product range to become even better for you.

Delivery to all regions

We deliver our products all over Ukraine and the world. No matter where you live, your order will be delivered on time and directly to your door or at any other place where you want. Product packaging is very carefully so that the ordered goods will be transferred to you safe and sound, as you'd expect. We work with all carriers Ukraine and the World. The delivery own transport.

High quality products

We offer high quality products that we sell. Years of successful work and give thousands of satisfied customers to feel confident in the quality. In addition, all products we sell are strict quality control, registered in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and have all the certificates of quality, sanitary hygienic. We care about our customers and provide them with quality medical products.;


Grishko Anastasia

"Thank you very much for the company" MEDLAN "for the rapid execution of orders and punctual operation. Working with you is not the first year. We would like to have your company is dynamically developing, expanding, and most importantly Stream to be even better. We are your loyal customers and we value a reliable partner in difficult time. "

Kravets Natalia

"Often I buy gloves, shoe covers, masks, gowns from the company. Always make time to delivery. Prices are not cosmic, but average. From recently learned that they also have packages for sterilization and disinfecting. What was not known previously. Now I buy all in one place. Convenient, fast, without unnecessary time-consuming problems. Generally pleased. "

Elena Bibik

"I order the goods in the company permanently. Orders. This product is always high-quality. Delivery on time promptly accepted. Thank you for your cooperation."

Anatoly Antonyuk

"We decided to order the first time and did not make a mistake. Prices are reasonable. The item is out of stock. Order has been issued in 15 minutes. His order was the next day. The competent and courteous managers. I recommend this company. I will be here to do orders all the time."


"Reviewed positive. The order was sent just after 30 minutes. after the transfer of money. Minimum order is really minimal. And the normal price of the goods."


"Everything went perfectly. Without a hitch. I booked in after hours. I called back the next day at 9:30 am. Answers to my questions. And on the same day I happily took my order. Picks up at the end of the day, a little late, but I waited for that special thank you."


"4 times use the services of this company. The quality and speed of processing, logistics, order is admirable))Guys !!! At this time you are not so easy for a human to treat their potential customers that want to come back to you again and again !!!That basically gives me great pleasure to do already 4 !!!! fourth time ."