Cutasept f

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Cutasept F

Colorless skin disinfectant with broad spectrum of activity.

Certificate of state registration of disinfectant № 05.03.02-08 / 742 from 12.13.2013, the


It meets all requirements for effective modern disinfectants for the skin.

a wide range of applications;

immediate action (15 defined by cutaneous test);

prolonged action;

excellent skin tolerance;

cleaning and degreasing of the skin;

It promotes good adhesion of the film after drying of surgical instruments,

possible to apply to the skin using a spray gun.

Areas of use

Pre- and postoperative disinfection of skin and wounds.

Disinfection of skin before injections, punctures, when removing the sutures, bandages replacement, installation cannulas, catheters, arthroscopy, with minor injuries, while eczematous infections of bacterial or fungal origin.

To disinfect the skin before injections, taking blood - exposure 15.


The product has a bactericidal (incl. MRSA / EHEC), fungicidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal (hepatitis viruses B and C, HIV,

herpes simplex type 1, rotaviruses, etc.) action.


100 g means include: 2-propanol - 60,0-66,0 g benzalkonium chloride - 0,020-0.030 g purified water.


Plastic bottles of 50 ml and 250 ml spray, plastic bottles of 1 liter.

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