Anios DTS 750 ml

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Anios DTS 750 ml

Anios DTS , 750 ml - a multifunctional tool for cleaning and removal of stains of various origins.

Anios DTS  removes: traces of ink, pen, marker, pen, pencil, ball-point pens, ink, lipstick, rubber (shoe soles, tires, balls, etc.) and the like; blood stains, foods (wine, coffee, tea, etc.) and others; persistent pollution on laboratory tables and other surfaces; for cleaning glass and removing streaks and the like.

Also removes dirt on the collars of shirts, cuffs, pollution in textiles before washing in washing machines, in Vol. H. Automatic.

Formulation means structure corresponds to funds that can be used for surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs

The tool is ready for use.

Before you apply the product to the surface, do not sample in a remarkable location.

Apply the product with a spray gun on the surface to be cleaned of stains and dirt. Leave for a while and wipe with a disposable paper towel or microfibre cloths. In the case where the treated surface is in contact with the food, it must be rinsed with potable water.

To remove dirt on fabrics and clothing, are processed the contaminated area for 15-20 minutes. to washing.

The amount of use means, depending on the degree of contamination of surfaces.

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