Disinfection of tools

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Disinfection of tools

Disinfection of tools - a variety of applications

   Hospitals, polyclinics, dental offices, cosmetic and hairdressing salons, public catering facilities are a far from complete list of enterprises and institutions that need permanent disinfection tools. In modern medicine, cosmetology and the food industry, disinfection of instruments is the most important procedure, because it is the infected instruments that present a very serious potential risk of infection with many diseases, such as hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, streptococcus, staphylococcus and many other equally dangerous infections.

   Methods for disinfecting instruments

   Among the methods of disinfection of instruments, one can particularly distinguish such as boiling, treatment of tools in an autoclave, irradiation with ultraviolet lamps, and disinfection of instruments with the help of special chemical preparations. The first three methods of disinfection of instruments, despite the high efficiency, require the presence of both special equipment and a sufficiently long time for processing. The last mentioned method is first of all good because, as a rule, disinfection of tools can be performed not only quickly but also qualitatively, which is undoubtedly very convenient, especially when there is little time for processing tools, and the degree of disinfection of tools must be very high .