Film for US printer Sony UPT-210 BL

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Film for US printer Sony UPT-210 BL

The film for the US Sony UPT-210 BL - ultrasound images of the image carrier for SONY video printer. In contrast to the thermal paper is a transparent blue film that allows us to consider the image ultrasound images through the transmitted light on the X-ray viewer.

film structure provides high quality printing ultrasound images of images. The protective layer enables long-term storage of pictures taken.

For maximum image quality of ultrasound images do not forget to set the type used fuser Sony UPT-210BL in the printer settings. Improper installation type fuser in the printer settings, leads to a distortion of thermo printhead. As a consequence of deteriorating printing quality ultrasound image and the thermal head as a result of crashes from overheating.

To prolong the life Printer SONY recommended to use only the original film for ultrasound Sony UPP series.

Form: roll

Size: 210mm * 12,5m

Mass: 0.570 kg

Sensitivity: Standard

Type: Type III

Number of shots: approximately 42 A4 sheets (6 separate images)

Application: for video printers SONY UP-970 / UP-980 / UP-960, UP-990AD, UP-970AD, UP-980CE, UP-960CE

Packing: 5 pcs. in the box

Manufacturing: SONY, Japan

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