Gel Medical ECOGEL, Italy

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The composition is particularly studied for this gel makes it optimal for the examination for the diagnosis and ultrasound therapy.

salt-free, to avoid probe damage

It does not irritate the skin, even after prolonged examination

excellent viscosity (80000 RPM5-STD 18)

fast transfer speed (1:48)

perfect acoustic impedance

Highest efficiency

Standard bacteriostatic lower than that allowed by the highest international standards

Available in three versions:

- 260 gr (box of 12 bottles - a big box of 96 pieces)

- 1000 grams (box 4 of the bottle - a big box of 32 pieces)

- 5 kg (individually packed - with a bottle of refill kits - big box of 4 packets) are also available as neutral / transparent

Cream EEG EEG Supercream 260 g

To amplify the signal when renting encephalograms

Capacity: 260 gram bottle

Cream for ECG ECG SUPERCREAM 260 ml


For a more intimate contact of the electrodes with the body of an Italian company Ceracarta SpA introduced into production ECG Supercream. His consistency is softer than the gel, can achieve effective contact with the body of the instrument. From this it depends directly on the accuracy of diagnosis. Bottle capacity of 260 ml is convenient to use.

Properties ECG SUPERCREAM 260 ml

· Transparent, not fat, is soluble in water;

· Non-irritating, hypoallergenic;

· Do not allow air to pass;

· High conductivity;

· Anti-corrosive composition;

· Soft texture, does not spread.

Applying the cream ECG ECG SUPERCREAM 260 ml

Cream ECG Supercream - house development Ceracarta SpA for comfortable work with the electrocardiograph, but also successfully applied to elektroentsefallografah and miostimulyatory. The composition of the cream is such that does not cause any adverse reactions in the patient and the corrosive damage to the unit, which significantly extends the life of the electrodes. Due to a more intimate contact with the body of the device increases the electrical conductivity and, as a consequence, the device gives accurate results.

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