Gel for ultrasound AquaUltra

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Gel for ultrasound AquaUltra

Gel for ultrasound Aqua Ultra Basic - is a universal means of contact. Ideal for ultrasound, therapy, Doppler. Its physicochemical properties ensure good contact of the ultrasonic transducer and the patient's skin. This creates the conditions for excellent visibility of the test body.

The gel is soluble in water, does not cause allergic reactions, irritation of skin and mucous membranes. It contains salts and formaldehyde, and therefore does not spoil the sensors. The gel has an average viscosity, allowing economical use of it.

After conducting ultrasound procedures gel can be easily removed from the skin tissue of the patient and sensor.

Volume: 260 ml, 1 liter, 5 l...

Blue color

pH: 1.0 5,5+

Density: 1.01 g / cm3

Viscosity: 70,000 + 10,000 Pa * s

Shelf life 3 years

Manufacturer: Ultragel, Hungary

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