Gel for ultrasound and electrical stimulation Fiab

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Gel for ultrasound and electrical stimulation Fiab

The main qualities of our gel are:

· High transparency, appropriate consistency, guarantees high performance

· PH 5,5 - 6,5

· Large conductivity ultrasonic (unusual effectiveness of the transmission of ultrasound is almost equal to the efficiency of the water, which was taken as a substance with the best acoustic permeability)

· Minimal impact on the outside temperature (heat resistant up to - 20 ° C)

· Low ability to stick together when the temperature changes

· High antibacterial-fungal software that makes it possible to adapt the gel to a gel at body temperature does not lose its characteristics within 2 years due to the high quality of the raw materials from which it is made, and also thanks to the technology used, which prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus. The gel is devoid of air bubbles which create the high dispersion effects, reducing the quality of the study.

A further advantage is the packaging that is easy to use and allows full use, and provides the same density as in the moment of packaging and during operation

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