Glucometers and test strips

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Glucometers and test strips

Meter - a portable device that measures the level of glucose in the organic liquid (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.). The meter will need to buy for people who suffer from diabetes, and those with this diagnosis is not confirmed for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases of sharpening.

Such an instrument is a very portable device and strips + Glucose. Test strips for blood glucose meters, each packed separately.

In the city of Kiev, Ukraine, you can buy a blood glucose meter with photometric or electrochemical diagnostic principles. They differ in the process of calculating the level of sugar, and the blood collection process is no different.

Thus, blood glucose meters on the basis of photometric test strips need to be, but that is applied to the blood, and with reagents, they change color. When the ratio of the saturation of the final color, the device displays the result on the screen.

The meter operates based on an electrochemical based on the electric current which is formed in contact with the test strip with the reagents. The device displays the result on the screen after the current measurement.

To use the meter, you need to make a series of actions. To start, you need to pierce a finger with a sterile lancet. Then you need to take the test strip from the package and drop it in the drop of blood. Depending on the model of the meter, the test strip can be inserted therein either before or after procedures done with blood. After some time on the meter screen will be the result of the study. Also, the meter, the price of which depends on the manufacturer and the built-in functions, you can order or buy inexpensively with a sound signal, which means that the results of the counting is over.

For people who use or are only going to use the meter, you must know that the blood sugar levels change throughout the day. Maximum efficiency is considered a morning measurement, which is carried out on an empty stomach, because after eating a meal, readings increase.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that for every meter suitable strips made specifically for him. If they choose incorrectly, you may experience problems with the accuracy of the result, or even its absence. Buy Glucose test strips can in a packing: 25, 50,70,100 units. The best option there is a test strip is packed in its individual packaging. Shelf life of Consumables 5-12 months.

Test strips for blood glucose meters can have one or two active surface. Also, the need for purchasing pay attention to the width and length of the strip. Mandatory to consider the factors there is a code on the strip, which must be entered into the meter for accurate results. It is better to buy such a test strip, where the input of each strip before using the meter is optional, is only to enter the code once a test strip with the whole package with tests.

Test Strips can be purchased in bulk, the cost in this case is slightly lower than at the individual purchase.

In our online store you can order or buy individually or wholesale glucometer test strips ts. The Contour TS strips test sometimes is used a special enzyme glucose dehydrogenase (GDH). The enzyme used in the electrochemical measurement of glucose without interferences are associated with the oxygen in the blood drop.

When buying a test blood glucose meters should take into account some of their work functions, as they are so many kinds, and they differ in the accuracy rate of excretion of the result, the number of measurements that are stored in memory, blood volume, which is necessary for the research, the need for coding, ease of use .

Here you can buy a blood glucose meters and test strips for blood glucose meter, the price of which depends on the above factors. If you select the meter or test strips you have any difficulties, please call or email us and our managers will answer all the questions that interest you.