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Apparatus for determining the level of glucose in blood "SARE-G» for quantification levels in fresh capillary blood glucose in a blood sample taken from a finger in patients suffering from diabetes or prone to hypoglycemic conditions. Regular determination of the level of glucose in the blood is an important factor in the treatment of patients suffering from diabetes. For the diagnosis is necessary to put a drop of blood on a test strip, and after about 10 seconds the information about the content of glucose is displayed in krovi.Apparat "SARE-G» is suitable for use both in the home and a medical hospital.


glucose readings range 1.1-33.3 mmol / L or 20-600 mg / dl

Method of calibration plasma

determining the 10 seconds time

Memory capacity 200 indicating measurement date

The calculation of the average value determinations results for 7, 14 and 28 days

Type of test strips only test strips SARE-G

The dimensions are 88x64x22 mm

Size 35x45 mm LCD display

Weight without batteries 59 g

Power source - batteries - 2 pcs. 1,5V (AAA)

Number of analyzes using a new battery at least 1000

Working conditions:


relative humidity

(14 to 40) ° C


Storage and transportation


relative humidity

(-10 To 60) ° C

not more than 95%

Storage conditions of test strips

(4 to 30) ° C

Average life

5 years

Contents of delivery:

CARE-G Unit 1 pcs.

Test strips SARE-G 10 pcs.

Lancing device 1 pc.

Scarifiers 10 pcs.

Karotchka the reference code 1 pc.

Battery type 1,5V (AAA) 2 pieces.

Bag 1 pc.

Operating Instructions CARE-G unit 1 pc.

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