Condoms for ultrasound

Condoms for ultrasound VIVA 100 pcs.Latex condoms are intended for VIVA sensor of the recto - vagina..
₴ 352.00 грн.
₴ 352.00 грн.
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Condoms for ultrasound

A medical device for transvaginal probe

Modern women have not vopros arises: "why the need For condoms in the diagnosis of transvaginal sensor". It is logical that this is a necessary measure to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and various infections.

In the catalog of our products you can browse the condoms for ultrasound many other goods. This consumable material is a low cost and high quality.

Naturally, for this purpose you can buy a standard condom, but gynecologists still recommend the use of special medical products.

Private medical clinics are buying these products wholesale, because the cost of examination of the patient includes all supplies.

Condoms for ultrasound different from normal, and their difference is shown in the following:

- they do not interfere with the study due to the smooth structure.

- don't have filler, so that the condom does not slip and firmly fixed to the sensor;

- medical condoms are hypoallergenic;

- to develop a special condom lubricant is not provided due to the fact that ultrasound is used with a special gel.

A very well established condoms for ultrasound Viva. This manufacturer cares about quality and a high degree of control of products. The price of health condoms are available to every patient.

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