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Surely, every family has its own home medicine chest, but it can not be considered complete if it does not have a medical thermometer.

The most frequent illnesses are ARVI, colds, flu. And it is for their detection and prevention of treatment that medical thermometers are needed. Such thermometers are called thermometers in the common people. Degrees measure the temperature of a person's body, determining its general state.

The medical thermometer must also be bought by all medical institutions: hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, maternity hospitals. In addition, each medical institution should also have a medical thermometer, and a doctor, nurse or nurse must supervise it.

The ideal temperature of a person's body is 36.6 degrees. The temperature jump in the greater or lesser side is considered a deviation from the norm and may indicate the presence of any disease.

Nowadays there are several types of medical thermometers: a medical mercury thermometer, an infrared thermometer and an electronic thermometer. Let's take a closer look at the main characteristics of each of them.

Mercury medical thermometer. Such a thermometer is in every one of our grandmother, after all, such thermometers have been used all-still relatively recently. To date, a mercury thermometer is still used by a large number of people, in addition, it is also possible to meet them in state institutions. Mercury thermometer is very reliable, it always shows the result with an accuracy of 100% - this is its main plus. Also, a mercury thermometer is inexpensive and is considered the cheapest on the market of medical thermometers. Its cheapness comes from its main component - mercury, because if you break such a thermometer, then droplets of mercury can get on everyday objects, sex, carpet and in the worst case - into the human body, therefore, to use a medical mercury thermometer is only for adults who understand All severity of negative consequences, such a thermometer should not be given to children for independent use. Mercury thermometer can measure temperature by oral, axillary and rectal methods. Such medical thermometers are durable and do not need to be replaced by batteries or a battery.

Thermometer medical infrared. Such a thermometer works from the fact that it catches the heat that radiates the human body. As a result, the temperature will be displayed on the thermometer screen. The contactless thermometer has such advantages: rapid temperature measurement (4-35 seconds), such a thermometer measures the temperature at a distance, that is, it acts non-contact, and besides the body temperature it can measure the temperature of an object, water or other liquid, Thermometers are equipped with other additional functions, the price of an infrared thermometer depends on them. The downside is its error in the readings (0.2-0.6 degrees) and the cost, because the thermometer infrared contactless is the most expensive of all kinds.

Thermometer medical electronic. Such a thermometer measures temperature due to its sensitive sensor, which is located on the tip of the thermometer. The result will be displayed on the display. The price of electronic thermometers depends on the number of additional functions: sound signal, water resistance, memory of results, etc. The advantages of an electronic medical thermometer are its safety in use, the possibility of using it by oral, axillary and rectal methods, as well as its design with a soft tip, in The form of a baby's nipple, etc. Electronic thermometers measure the temperature for 1-1.5 minutes. The downside is that sometimes in such a thermometer it is worth replacing the batteries.

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