Medicare MPTI 010 Electronic Thermometer

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  • Brand: Medicare
  • Product Code: MPTI 010
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The range of measurement of 32 ° C-42.9 ° C

Display liquid crystal display. 3? mark

One battery 1,5 V DC, Switchboard batteries (Size SR 41 Or LR41)

Consumed POWER 0.15 myllyvatt the regime of measurement

More battery life settings something neprerыvnoy 200 hours of operation

Dimensions 12,4sm x 1.8 cm x 0,9sm (long-x Width x Height)

Weight 10g vicinity of the village batareykoy

Sound signal indicators at normal temperature 10 prodolzhytelnыh zvukovыh signals techenye in 10 seconds

Sound signal indicators HIGH at a temperature of 30 short zvukovыh signals techenye in 10 seconds

Automatic power off after 10 pass

Terms and conditions Using temperature: + 10oS 35oS

Otnosytelnaya humidity: 30% - 85%

Producer of Medicare Trade Ltd, United Kingdom

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