Bahіli 3,5 c. CPE TM "MEDLAN" 1000 pairs

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  • Brand: ТМ МЕДЛАН
  • Product Code: Бахилы 3.5 грамма CPE ТМ "МЕДЛАН"
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Bahіli 3 c. CPE TM "MEDLAN" 1000 pairs

Hygiene where there overshoes. Why public clinics are called infectious paradise? Because we do not take account of the basic things. If you are not too lazy to put on shoe covers to the clinic, you at least will not bring the infection into the house on shoes.

Shoe really hinder spacing of microorganisms due to the chlorinated polyethylene. They are easy to remove and put on, the gum will not let loose shoe at the crucial moment.

Medlan The company is constantly developing attractive offers for customers. This also applies to the purchase of shoe covers. We sell wholesale orders in large plastic bags. In a single package 1000 pairs of shoe covers. Assessing the possibility of manufacturing defect, we will offer favorable conditions of commodity compensation. Each client will find a nice bonus package, is + 50 pairs ordered in 1000. If we consider that the pair of shoe covers costs 3 USD., Then 50 pairs for free, this is a very nice bonus. When purchasing wholesale shoe covers, which reduced the price of each additional thousand pairs to order.

In cooperation with Medlan customers, especially, appreciate flexible system of discounts, which allows you to buy large quantities of goods at very competitive prices.

When ordering:

5 thousand pairs - 730 UAH. / 1000 pairs

7 thousand pairs - 720 UAH. / 1000 pairs

10 thousand couples - 700 UAH. / 1000 pairs

15 thousand couples - 680 UAH. / 1000 pairs

20 thousand couples - 650 UAH / 1000 pairs

30 thousand pairs and more - negotiable!

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