Shoe white 4 grams. CPE TM "Medlan" 1000 pairs

₴ 1050.00 грн.
  • Brand: ТМ МЕДЛАН
  • Product Code: Бахилы белые 4 гр. ТМ «Медлан» 1 000 пар
  • Availability: In Stock

Shoe white 3,2 c. CPE TM "Medlan" 1000 pairs are special cases made of polyethylene. In use, they are very simple, because they just need to put on your street shoes. Disposable shoe covers are designed for maximum cleanliness in the premises and to minimize the spread of various infections and germs. Most often, these shoe covers used in institutions for medical purposes, and where the children are.

Our company works with shoe covers self-made, so we provide you the opportunity to buy Shoe White 3,2 c. CPE TM "Medlan" whose price is very low, compared with other manufacturers and suppliers.

We are one of the best and most sought-after company with its own production. Through our stores, you can always order any number of shoe covers, as we keep in stock more than one hundred boxes of this product. On our products we provide a certificate of quality, so to doubt the quality of our shoe covers are not worth it.

Also, one of our advantages is that we sell as wholesale plastic shoe covers (in bulk), and retail for a very modest price. Thus, we find the approach to each of our clients.

Order Shoe White 3,2 c. CPE TM "Medlan" we and you will be satisfied not only by our price, but the quality!

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