Medical masks "MEDICARE" (with protective shield) 25 pcs.

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  • Brand: Medicare
  • Product Code: Маски "MEDICARE" (с защитным экраном)
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Medical masks "MEDICARE" (with protective shield) 25 pcs.

Masks sandwich (surgical) with a protective plastic shield on gums.

Masks disposable medical sandwich with a protective plastic screen - used to protect against infections transmitted by airborne droplets. They are used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other. Industry and everyday life. (Unlike Vato-gauze bandages or simple gauze bandages provide a greater degree of protection.) Prevents the penetration of foreign substances such as viruses, bacteria, etc. into the airways.. Bacterial filtration coefficient (KSE) - 0.98.

protective masks for the face to the screen can also be used in places with high concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere. three-layer masks provide a 3-fold filtering inhaled air at the same time not interfere with the normal breathing mode. Moisture resistance.

Protective shield mask protects eyes and face from contact with irritating agents, protective medical mask with ekranomne irritate the eyes and does not disturb the vision when used regularly (the screen is not misted and do not create glare).

Itself the mask is made of high quality materials:

2 outer layer - of the non-woven material - polypropylene, comfortable to use, does not irritate the skin and does not prevent breathing;

inner filter layer - of meltblown provides additional air filtration.

The masks fit snugly to the face thanks to the ties or elastic band and convenient nasal retainer.

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