Bathrobe sterile surgical 115 * 140 with ties (hands. Sleeves)

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  • Product Code: Халат стерильный хирургический 115*140 на завязках
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Bathrobe sterile surgical 115 * 140 with ties (hands. Sleeves)

Disposable surgical gowns. It can be used as a visitor coat.

Gowns have all the necessary qualities to work comfortably the doctor for a long period of time.

The most common option in health facilities "Eurostandard" - this medical gowns are available on contact closure, four straps for added odor allow for sterility back.

gowns sleeves fixed soft knitted cuffs.

Material: Spunbond 25 g / m2.

Length: 140 cm.

Size: 52-54.

Bathrobe slim, resistant to damage, non-toxic, anti-static, easy to breathable, highly absorbent, does not cause allergic reactions in contact with skin and mucous.

Used in medicine, beauty salons, food industry.

The use of disposable gowns is an effective tool in preventing the spread of infections. Indisputable and economic feasibility of the use of disposable products: operating costs of traditional cotton products are much higher.

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