Disposable medical wipes

Napkins medical / dental Dry-Back (500 pcs.)• Maximum protection is achieved through horizontal stri..
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Disposable medical wipes

Paper towels, wipes and dental bibs

Remember the days when the passage of the Commission all went with their towels? Today are unlikely to meet modern visitor medical institutions with a towel in my bag, as were replaced by paper towels. In every office clinic must stand napkins per roll, it provides comfort and hygiene. This kind of products are purchased in bulk, in large quantities, because it has a tendency to rapid use. Such an inventory is a must in the offices of the ultrasound examination. Paper towels are inexpensive and are made from a material that absorbs liquid instantly. Wipe the gel for ultrasound wipes is much easier than a regular towel.

We have a customer will be able to order paper towels from soft bestrowpseudo material. Paper towels do not lose their softness and durability, being wet. Swipe of quality material, not stratified, are antistatic and leave residue or lint after use.

Feature of paper towels is high free diffusion among a number of nonwoven products. Also, the material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, the risk of skin irritation is reduced to zero.

This product is widely used in medical activities in the field of cosmetic services, the cost is small, which makes it easy to maintain a comfortable climate for visitors. Of tissues wound in a roll that is easily stored and takes up little space.

Alcohol wipes

Gone are the days when after blood sampling from the finger to the wound was applied the cotton wool. Alternative steel wipes alcohol medical. Wool had a nasty minus her hairs stuck to the wound and the man was experiencing discomfort trying to remove the remains. Medical wipes are more hygienic, they come in individual packages and have the alcohol impregnation, it minimizes the risk of infection in the injection site. Blood tests often. Many are faced with the fact that he came to the clinic found on the door of the study blood sampling plate with the inscription, "without napkins and scarifiers to donate blood is impossible." You have to waste time in search of the nearest pharmacy. So convenient to buy wipes impregnated with an alcohol in bulk and have them in the bag. Wipes will be alcohol, by the way, in case of cuts, abrasions, etc. It is an indispensable thing, if you have small children. At any time you can disinfect a wound when there are no first aid kits.

Dental bibs

Disposable dental bibs provide protection to the clothing of the patient from stubborn stains that are easy to put in the inspection and treatment of the oral cavity.

The bibs have a large disposable napkins. Special material is waterproof, which ensures a high degree of protection from blood and other fluids.

Wipes tear-resistant thanks to the durable plastic layer. As a rule, dental wipes consist of two layers, of which the first absorbent and the second waterproof.

We monitor the quality of the range in stock and carry a huge responsibility to customers. For the purposes of security and insurance we work with reputable manufacturers, for example, Medicom Dry-Back.

The price of the product absolutely consistent quality.

We provide customers with high quality goods and professional service. To make ordering easy, just telephone our office or use the "feedback".