Napkins alcohol "Eagar" №100

₴ 30.00 грн.
  • Brand: Igar
  • Product Code: Салфетки спиртовые "Игар" №100
  • Availability: In Stock

medical wipes impregnated with an alcoholic solution of the brand «IGAR»

• Made of non-woven fabric. Size 6 x 3cm.

• Impregnated 70% isopropyl alcohol having a high activity against bacteria (gram + and gram-)

fungi, viruses, tuberculosis pathogens.

• Cloth non-irritating to the skin and can even be used in cosmetology.

• Three-layered individual packing (polyethylene + aluminum foil + paper).


Treatment of the skin surface prior to injection, the treatment of skin lesions small, hand and surface objects in

life (door handles, telephone receivers, etc.). for the purpose of disinfection.

Markings on the packaging is made in the Ukrainian language and fully complies with the requirements of state

Ukrainian standards.

Products authorized for use in medical practice in Ukraine.

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