Napkins alcohol ROMED, 65*30 mm 100 pieces.

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  • Product Code: Салфетки спиртовые ROMED
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alcohol wipes are a modern product, convenient and safe to use, allowing to save staff time and improves the image of the medical institution. Allow the alcohol wipes and is easy to calculate the need to control the use.

Features and benefits of alcohol wipes:

1. Napkins alcohol soaked with 70% alcohol, by this - has a bactericidal action; - Provides security for the patient's skin: not dubit, non-irritating and does not dry the skin; - Eliminates the need for precise alcohol metering and control of its intended use.

2. Made napkin alcohol of nonwoven viscose, so when using retains its original structure.

3. The amount of alcohol wipes 3 cm x 3 cm, unfolded 3 cm x 6 cm; It is optimal for injecting processing field.

4. Individual packaging of aluminum foil to prevent evaporation of the alcoholic solution.

5. 100 pieces of napkins alcohol in collective package.

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