Disposable hats

Cap-Charlotte / white, blue / (100 pcs)• Highest protection with water-repellent material.• Increase..
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Caps Disposable corrugated TM "MEDLAN" 100One of the most relevant to humanity hygiene, which is use..
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Earplugs blue plastic medicalPacking: 100 pcs. x 10 packages per boxBlue colorDescriptionEarplugs po..
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₴ 115.00 грн.
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Disposable hats

Disposable caps are quite imperceptible on the head

Disposable caps for quite a long time not considered to be used exclusively in the medical field. Today almost every women and even men have this item in the shower. Caps: medical, disposable has a wide range of applications. Every self-respecting beauty parlor not without basic hygiene items, including beanie Charlotte takes pride of place. Compliance with hygiene standards, including the donning of a cap, eliminates the risk of transmission of fungi and infections. This is an amazing protection that is inexpensive.

Medical caps tend to protect hair from UV rays. Therefore, visiting a Solarium, you just need to buy a protection element for the hair. Thanks to the cap, the hair does not fade and does not get too dry.

Caps are widespread in the food industry. Universal size allows you to put a cap on any kind of hairstyles, even if thick and long hair gathered in a ponytail.

In medicine without disposable caps, too, anywhere. Everyone knows how fraught it can be getting hair in an open wound. Therefore, during surgery or taking birth cap takes the dandelion, is necessarily put on the patient and the entire medical team.


Cap corrugated, maintenance, washing and sterilization. It is used once and then disposed of. Many surgeons prefer disposable caps. They do not leave a trace of gum after a long socks and has a number of advantages over cotton products.

The advantages of disposable medical caps.

- breathability;

non - toxic material;

- universal for both men and women;

- has dust-proof properties;

- stand in front of acids and alkaline mixtures.

Price of disposable cap, penny, and the benefits of its application is invaluable.

Disposable medical cap produced of polypropylene material "spunbond" not without finishing the loom.

We offer a wide range of disposable spunbonded caps, the cost of which will please every buyer. We can buy beanies white and blue.

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