Caps Disposable corrugated TM "MEDLAN" 100 pcs.

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  • Brand: ТМ МЕДЛАН
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Caps Disposable corrugated TM "MEDLAN" 100

One of the most relevant to humanity hygiene, which is used for medical purposes, there is a one-off cap. Therefore, to maximize your comfort and borrowing the best care, we have created such caps own brand, namely disposable caps corrugated TM "MEDLAN".

Caps Disposable corrugated TM "MEDLAN" - a one-time product in the form of headgear. Such gofrirvannye cap TM "MEDLAN" completely cover the exposure, due hair loss head, moisture, dust, bacteria on the sterile surface, and they warn and protect from getting the same dust, bacteria and other harmful media on the human head. Thus, the disposable cap TM "MEDLAN" perform a protective function when carrying out any work.

Here you can order a disposable caps corrugated TM "MEDLAN" basis including nonwoven, spunbond, non-sterile and are used by a one-off. They are dimensionless, so the fit and the child and adult. Caps Disposable corrugated TM "MEDLAN" have the elastic gum, which enables fast and securely on the user's head. Such gum during extended wear hats, do not leave a trace on the face.

The main office of our company is located in Kiev, but we work like all over Ukraine and abroad. The price of our products is quite small, compared with other manufacturers of medical products. Buy or order inexpensive products of our brand is very simple, you just need to leave a request on this page or call the numbers listed immediately.

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