Infusion pump disposable "MEDICARE" variable speed

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  • Brand: Medicare
  • Product Code: Инфузионная помпа "MEDICARE" с регулируемой скоростью
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Infusion pump disposable "MEDICARE" variable speed


Infusion pump disposable used for long-term, controlled administration of intravenous fluids. In the treatment and allow the patient to lead an active life, the work of the pump does not depend on the position of the patient.


Options: 1-way valve of administration, elastichny Silicon Balon, filter, clamp infusion line, control the flow rate of infusion lines and tapered connector;

Kind of an infusion pump in a complete set with regulated injection speed;

Flow rate: 2 ml / hour; 4 ml / hour; 6 ml / hour; 8 ml / hour;

The residual volume of <10%;

Sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic;

For single use;

Individual packing.


Tank volume: 100 ml and 275 ml.

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