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Otolaryngology is a section of medical science that is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of the ear, throat, nose, head and neck. A doctor who practices in this area is called a laryngotorinologist, simply an ENT.

In otolaryngology, as in all other medical sciences, there are medical tools. The most used in this area is a scapula, a mirror ENT, a syringe of Janet, ear funnels and otolaryngological tweezers.

Let's look at each of these medical tools and find out what they are and what they are for.

So, spatula ENT. Distinguish lor plastic spatula and lor spatula wooden. Such spatulas are a flat stick of elongated shape with rounded two ends. They remind me of a stick for ice cream. Plastic sticks are made of pure plastic plastic, and wooden, respectively, from exotic pure tree hardwood. Wood sticks are preliminarily sanded the surface and edges.

Spatula ENT is designed for examination of the oral cavity. Such spatulas are in every hospital, clinic, polyclinic and in all other institutions that are related to medicine. Also, sometimes these sticks are used in cosmetology.

Each lor spatula is packed in its individual packing and they are sold in 100 pieces in a pack.

Another major medical tool in the practice of otolaryngology is the ENT mirror. Such mirrors are considered modern, because in this form and application as now, they are used relatively recently.

Since, most often, mankind suffers from diseases of the nose and larynx, then in medical science there are two separate mirrors, which are used in ENT treatment, this is a guttural mirror and a nasopharyngeal mirror. They are used to examine and diagnose the treatment of the larynx and nose. Such mirrors are inserted into a special handle with a thread for a deeper and more detailed examination of the patient. Handles for mirrors are sold in the kit. At us you can inexpensively order or buy a guttural or nasopharyngeal mirror made of high-precision equipment made of steel. We guarantee the durability of the use of these medical instruments if the rules of operation, handling, sterilization and storage are observed.

Syringe to Janet. Such a syringe is used for rinsing cavities, for the introduction of probes and drugs. You can also buy special nozzles on this syringe, which will make it easier to work with it. In our online store you can buy a syringe Janet, which is made of quality non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. Such a syringe is a metal piston, a silicone ring and a glass flask that has a volume of 250 ml. Most often such a syringe is washed with auricles. You can buy a disposable or reusable syringe from Janet. Disposable syringes are made of plastic and can be easily disposed of, and reusable syringes are made of glass, such products can be cleaned and disinfected many times.

An irreplaceable tool in otolaryngology is ear funnels. They are used for ear inflammation, neuritis of the auditory nerve, hearing loss, with sulfur plugs. It is a tool of cylindrical shape, looking through which, the doctor can look into the depth of the auricle for the detection, diagnosis and prevention of the disease. Ear funnels can be made from both metal (reusable use) and plastic (for one-time use).

Otorhinolaryngic forceps are used to seize dressings, swabs and gauze swabs, are used for treatment procedures and examinations, as well as for surgical interventions. To date, there are different types of tweezers, this is universal, and gynecological, and dental, and otolaryngological, etc. Regardless of the species, they are all two plastic springing branches that capture and hold an object or material. The difference between all tweezers is the force of their grasping. Otorhinolaryngic forceps are considered to be among the weakest and sparing, so as not to damage the delicate tissues of the organs.

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