Bandage plaster "IGAR"

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Bandage plaster "IGAR"


Medical plaster bandages are strips of medical gauze impregnated with a high-quality gypsum weight evenly distributed on the gauze and secured bacteriostatic material, indifferent to the body.


- Surface density (strength) gauze least 24 g / m2;

- Surface density (strength) of the plaster bandage not less than 340 g / m2;

- The setting time of 4 to 8 minutes after the bandage is pulled from the water and pressed;

- Complete curing time from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the size and thickness of the dressing.

Methods of application:

1. They are used to fix fractures.

2. Used for soft tissue injuries.

3. Used in diseases of the joints.

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