Medical Bandage

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Medical Bandage


For direct pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding, strengthen the dressing, to prevent unwanted movement of the damaged extremity, prevent the formation of edema, or support the injured limb or Suglob to maintain and transport the victim in medical institutions, hospitals, ambulance and at home.


Material production - 100% cotton;

Made of medical bleached gauze;

WHITE abinta, not less than 80%

There are no seams and cut edges;

24 ± 0,2 Density g / m, capillarity is not less than 7 cm / hour;

Uniform integrated tape cylindrical shape;

Ot hardened into an oval shape;

Non-sterile and sterile;

For single use;

Individual packing.


7 m * 14 cm;

5 m * 10 cm.

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