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A medical syringe is an instrument, a medical device, through which injections, diagnostic punctures, suck the pathological contents from various cavities.

The syringe was invented in 1852 by two doctors at the same time: S. G. Pravosom (a surgeon from France) and A. Wood (a doctor from Scotland).

In those years, a syringe was made from a rubber cylinder, inside it was a leather piston with a metal pin that protruded from the piston. A needle was attached to the opposite side of the cylinder. Such a syringe was not transparent, so the dosage of drugs was noted not on the syringe, but on the piston rod.

Disposable syringes received their patent only in 1950, thanks to Arthur Smith, and were mass-produced in 1955. Such syringes were made of glass.

The first disposable plastic syringes were invented and patented in 1957 by a pharmacist from New Zealand Colin Mirdk.

When using a syringe, you must adhere to some basic rules for working with them. Since the syringe has contact with blood, it is necessary to ensure that the syringe is sterile, has no chemical and physical damage, no traces of foreign objects. Each syringe must be packed in its own packaging, you need to ensure that this package is whole, without tears and incisions. When using a reusable syringe, you need to make sure that such a syringe was thoroughly boiled and disinfected.

In order to carry out the injection, you need to put the needle of the syringe into the medicinal preparation, move the piston upward or onto yourself to dial the necessary dosage of the medicine. After this, it should be checked whether there is air in the cylinder (it is visible in the form of air bubbles), if such are found, it is necessary to raise the syringe with a needle upwards and tap it lightly with a fingernail or finger, so all air will exit through the needle hole. After the injection, place the injection should be treated with medical alcohol.

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An insulin syringe is used to inject insulin into the human body. Such a syringe has a short and thin needle, due to this, the injection of the drug is almost painless and invisible.

The Syringe is considered to be one of the largest syringes, since it can hold a volume of up to 150 ml. With such a syringe, the cavities are washed, the liquid is sucked off.

In addition, there are still such medical syringes: self-locking, syringe gun, syringe-dart, syringe-pen.

A self-locking syringe can only be used once. They are often used for immunization and for mass injections.

The syringe gun works without anyone's help, so he injects quickly and without pain. For its work, it is necessary to fill the syringe-pistol with medicine and install it in a special construction, by pressing the hook.

Syringe dart is the most common in veterinary medicine.

The pen syringe is similar to an insulin syringe, but less firm when injected, it allows you to use it daily or with very frequent medications.

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