Syringe injecting a three "MEDICARE" packaging

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Syringe injecting a three "MEDICARE"

Syringes injecting single use (with three-needle)


Such devices are used in anesthesia, in intensive care in oncology, neonatology when to slow the introduction of drugs dosed in small amounts in a few hours or days.

Company TM "MEDLAN" a wide range of single-use 3-component syringes (volume from 1.0 to 50 ml) and needles (size from 0,3h13 to 1,6h40 mm), different in its purpose:

• 1 ml syringe (additional scale U-100) is removable needle

• an insulin syringe of 1 ml (scale U-100 and U-40)

• tuberculin syringe 1 ml

• Insulin Syringes 1 ml-tuberculin (insulin scale U-40 and tuberculin scale)

• 2 ml syringe

• 5 mL syringe

• 10 ml syringe

• 20 ml syringe

• syringe 50m

All syringes are divided into two groups: two-component and three-component.

A two-component syringe "Medicare" consists of two parts: the piston and cylinder.

Three-syringe "Medicare" is composed of three parts: a cylinder, a rubber piston and plunger (piston pusher).

Syringes "Medicare" small volume (1 ml) was used for accurate administration of drugs in a small volume (1 ml). They are used in endocrinology (insulin syringes), TB (tuberculin syringes), neonatology, as well as for intradermal allergy tests.

Syringes "Medicare" standard volume (2, 5, 10 and 20 ml) with compound Luer used in all fields of medicine for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous or other injection. Syringes are smooth and soft stroke, so they prefer in the fields of medicine, where it is necessary a slow intravenous drugs (anesthesiology, intensive care, ambulance service and emergency care, disaster medicine).

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