Anesthesia and Resuscitation

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 Anesthesia and Resuscitation

Anesthesia and resuscitation are very serious procedures, because they are responsible for the health and safety of human life. Thanks to anesthesia and resuscitation, a person can get another chance at life and get rid of many serious most terrible diseases.

Anesthesia, this is a very delicate state of the body, during which the body does not react to external factors that irritate it. The main action of anesthesia is that anesthesia depresses the central nervous system, but it also captures the cavities of other systems: respiratory, cardiovascular. Do anesthesia should only an anesthesiologist, because this procedure is very dangerous and responsible. If you inject in the wrong place, the result can be disability and even death.

Anesthesia is carried out in several stages. The first is analgesia (obezbalivayut body), then there is miorelaxation (during this stage, feeling relaxed) and eventually, sleep (the body is completely turned off).

Only when all three stages are observed, anesthesia is considered successful. But unfortunately, modern drugs do not have in their composition all 3 components, a maximum of 2, therefore, when conducting anesthesia, the doctor must combine the drugs.

Combine drugs also need to ensure that different components act on different parts of internal systems and there was not very strong intoxication (if you use only one type of medicine).

Anesthesia is poynoy (all kinds of sensitivity are blocked) and partial (a certain area of ​​the body is blocked).

Anesthesia can have different risk factors, it depends on the place of its introduction. So, by making anesthesia in the chest, stomach, groin and legs, we have the lowest risk of any abnormalities, but anesthesia of the arms and neck is more dangerous.

Anesthesia has several types:

• General anesthesia (anesthesia) - the blocking of all body systems, a person falls into a so-called "shutdown".

• Local anesthesia - blocking one specific site.

In turn, local anesthesia is also divided into several types:

• Spinal anesthesia - anesthetic injected into the region of subdural space into the level of the spinal nerves.

• Epidural anesthesia - anesthetic is injected into the epidural space into the level of the spinal nerves.

• Combined spinal epidural anesthesia is the summation of spinal and epidural anesthesia.

• Conduction anesthesia - blocking of impulses at the level of nerve endings.

• Infiltrative anesthesia - blocking of the pulse in the transmission of pain through the nerve branches.

Also, one of the types of anesthesia is hypnosis and reflexology.

The most common is epidural anesthesia. An epidural needle is used for anesthesia. In our time, doctors use several variations of such a needle.

 Epidural Haber-Tuohi needle - this needle is made in the form of a curved tip, supplemented with a mandril.

 Epidural Hastida needle - the needle was from the pointed end, the distance from the point to the heel is 2.8 mm, the angle of sharpening is 13 degrees.

 Epidural Weiss needle - such a needle was with metal wings and had a blunt end.

 Epidural needle Sprott - a needle made in the form of a pencil, unlike other needles, it moved apart the fibers of the tissue, and did not cut them, thus minimizing trauma. Such a needle was with a blunt end. It was assumed that a plastic valve was added to the inner base of the needle, so that the catheter was guided into the lateral opening of the needle.

 Epidural Cravord needle - this needle had a short point with an angle of sharpening of 60 degrees, this was an obstacle for puncture of the dura mater. After inserting the needle, it rotated 180 degrees, so that the needle was pointed radially.

Spinal needles (spinal anesthesia) are divided into two types: cutting and needles in the form of a pencil, which do not cut the tissue, but push them apart. For the first type, the needles are of the Quinke-Babcock type, for the second type, such as Grini, Sprott, Vitakra, etc.

For more comfortable anesthesia, doctors use a set for epidural anesthesia. Such sets are designed for puncture with further cavernization of the epidural space for anesthetic injection.

A set for epidural anesthesia may have differences and may be in several variations. The minimum set for epidural anesthesia consists only of needles. The middle set includes needles, a catheter, an adapter, a connecting cable, an antibacterial filter, an antiseptic fixing a sticker. A complete kit consists of all of the above components, plus anesthetics and sterile material.

Resuscitation - in other words, it is the revitalization of the whole organism, thanks to multiple actions, which are aimed at immediate revitalization of all functions.

Resuscitation includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intensive therapy and many other actions that revitalize and support the vital activity of the body.

One of the most common and mandatory items that should be in every medical institution and in every ambulance is an endotracheal tube. Such a tube intubates the trachea for the possibility of performing artificial ventilation of the lungs and that an oxygen-air mixture or an inhalational anesthetic can be administered.

There is an endotracheal tube with a cuff and no cuff. The endotracheal tube with a cuff is often of small size and is most often used for a longer period of ventilation for children.

To collect the secret of the stomach and make it wash, use a stomach probe. Such a probe is made of an elastic material that can easily and without obstacles reach the stomach. Conduct it through the mouth of a person. At our site you can inexpensively order or buy a gastric tube completely sterile, pyrogen-free and non-toxic.

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