Gynecology and Urology

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Gynecology and Urology

Gynecology and urology are the most important branches of medicine, thanks to which we keep our main organs healthy, which are responsible for reproduction, and hence for the continuation of the genus.

Gynecology is a branch of medicine that studies diseases that accompany only the body of a woman, her reproductive system. This branch is maintained by a gynecologist. He examines and studies female genital organs and the presence of diseases in them, prescribes treatment and preventive actions to prevent further complications.

In addition to a gynecologist, an important role in gynecology is played by an obstetrician. He watches a woman's pregnancy, leads her from the earliest time until the birth itself.

Urology is a branch of medical science that studies the etiology, genitourinary system, pathogenesis, adrenal diseases and other organs exclusively in the male body.

Urology in medicine can be divided into several smaller branches, each of which is responsible for its role in the human body. Such are andrology, urogynecology, pediatric urology, geriatric urology, phthisirology, oncourology, urgent urology.

Each of these industries has its own medical supplies.

Cervical brush is used in gynecology. It is necessary to take biological material from the cervix and from the cervical canal of a woman. Thus, it is possible to elicit cytological and bacteriological infections. The endocervical brush helps to increase the accuracy of diagnosing infectious diseases in a woman. Each cervical brush is in its individual packaging and is used only once, that is, it is disposable. The most suitable brush will take a smear in women who did not give birth, as well as in women with menopause. To ensure that at the time of taking a smear a woman does not suffer from tissue, the brushes are produced with the most suitable for this stiffness of the villi. Also, except for damage to the mucosa during the examination is a polymer drop. For maximum accuracy of swab taking, the endocervical brush must be fully scrolled two times clockwise and two times counterclockwise. In our online store you can inexpensively order or buy a sterile, disposable cervical brush in an individual package.

Also, the gynecological mirror is in great demand in gynecology. The gynecological mirror is the main tool in every gynecological office. Such mirrors make different shapes and diameters, depending on its purpose. With the help of a gynecological mirror, a gynecologist can carry out a variety of diagnostic tests. Mirror gynecological is needed for a complete and high-quality examination of the vagina and cervix in women. It is believed that the most accurate and effective for inspection is a mirror in the form of a spoon. Using a gynecological mirror, a gynecologist can see the color, folding, granularity, rupture, overgrowth, scars, redness, swelling, discharge from the cervix, determine its size and shape.

Another very important tool in gynecology is the intra-uterine pipette. It is used in endometrial biopsy to reveal the pre-puffy and swollen conditions of the uterus and cervix. At the time of sampling, four holes along the circumference of the pipe give a more informative study. On each catheter pipe there is a centimeter scale, due to which it is possible to determine the depth of its input. The pipe catheter has a closed end and 4 lateral openings. It contains a piston in the form of a cylinder with a handle to hold and limit the depth of the catheter insertion. For the material to be the most complete, you need to quickly turn the curette 2 times clockwise and din times down-up. On our site you can buy an intrauterine needle in a sterile, individual package.

In urology, one of the first places among the most effective medical instruments is the urogenital probe. The urogenital probe is of six kinds. The main task of the urogenital probe is to take biological material from the urethra. With the help of a urogenital universal type A probe, cytological and bacteriological analysis is easy. With a probe type B, manipulations are carried out when examining the vagina, cervix. This type of probe is also called a Folkman spoon, since it has a spoon-like shape. The urogenital probe of type C is used when taking material from the uterine mucosa. With its help, you can easily carry out a complete histological examination. The urogenital probe type C-1 is taken from the uterine wall, the upper part of the urethra. A pipe of type C-2 takes a bacteriological smear, if there is no need to expand the cervical canal. A C-2 probe with a syringe is needed to take a sample of the mucosal secretion in the uterus when examining the endometrium, histological studies, for carrying out a procedure for aborting a pregnancy of a short duration and for the most accurate administration of medications. The urogenital probe of the C-3 type is designed for effective collection of materials from the cavity of the uterus walls, the upper cervical canal, the urethra. The urogenital probe type D takes cellular and biological material on the cervix and cervical canal for cytological and bacteriological examination and for the preparation of a smear on chlamydia. The urogenital probe type F takes a biological material (scraping) from the cervix and cervical canal for cytological examination. The urogenital type E probe is taken by ecto-cervical smears and swabs of the posterior fornix from the surface of the vagina and urinary system.

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