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Medical gloves

It is impossible to imagine an employee of the medical sphere without gloves. For any doctor, disposable gloves - a barrier to infections and diseases transmitted by contact. They also provide the maximum level of hygiene in any diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. For this purpose use is strictly sterile gloves. For patients receiving mainly purchased non-sterile gloves, their price is much lower.

Taking care of clients, we control the value of the goods. By comparing their prices with the prices of goods from the competition, we can proudly say that we have cheap!

Types and differences gloves

Examination Gloves should always be in excess. However, patients often faced with the fact that in some public hospitals with gloves situation deplorable. Therefore, we propose to buy our products not only to medical institutions, and for everyone who wants to have its own set of viewing gloves.

Medical gloves are a major addition to the diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Gloves are classified according to several criteria: size, material, strength, elasticity and durability. Following the classification of easy to pick up the necessary form of gloves for specific manipulation. Also, there are medical gloves without talcum powder or powder and powdered. About their differences will be discussed below.

Color also plays a role gloves. Diversity of colors to determine the material of manufacture and the degree of danger workspaces. Differentiation of colors is useful when selecting gloves, especially for people prone to allergies to latex.

Features gloves of different materials

Nitrile gloves provide comfort during the inspection, so their use is common following areas: cosmetology, pharmacology, dentistry, laboratory, veterinary, etc...

Properly structured material provides high strength of gloves, they are not torn and well stretched. Thanks to modern technology products are of high quality and guarantee ease of use.

You can choose exactly what you need for easy to use. We offer gloves of different firms. There is a full range of sizes.

Powder-free latex gloves, provide a high protection of the skin of your hands. The lack of powder is the best option for people prone to dryness and irritation of the skin of hands. Latex gloves provide ease in holding slippery objects and tools. This is one of the main features, due to which the surgeons prefer latex gloves.

High-quality latex material promotes comfortable wear and tight fit of gloves to the hands. In addition, the latex has no competitors in providing accurate tactile sensations, and for physicians, particularly surgeons this basic rule.

Latex gloves are widely distributed in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries due to the high level of protection and comfort.

The strength of the material is sufficiently high, the risk of tearing or puncture minimal.

Among the range, you will see latex powder free gloves a few firms. For us it is important that the client had a choice and could choose the ideal option for use.

Detailed features you can find under each item. We provide as much information to the client it makes it easier to compare.

Vinyl gloves made from PVC and have a moderate degree of strength. Vinyl gloves hardly a wear-resistant, they have a high degree of resistance to tear and puncture. The level of plasticity of these gloves is also considered to be moderate. These characteristics do not allow the use of vinyl gloves for serious medical manipulations.

The difference between observation and surgical gloves

Surgical gloves are always longer and thicker than the first, due to the dangerous nature of the procedures more than a diagnosis for which the selected examination gloves. Surgical gloves, sterile and solid and non-sterile gloves are often used for daily inspections.

Among the huge range of gloves, latex most common. Today, we see a trend of mass transition to vinyl or rubber gloves nitrylnogo. These materials are hypoallergenic and high strength. But nevertheless remain irreplaceable latex gloves, especially in surgery because of the high degree of sensitivity and highly accurate tactile sensations.

Most doctors in surgery prefer neoprene sterile gloves. They are made of oil-based and very similar to latex. Gloves durable and comfortable for long life. Often, surgeons prefer this kind of gloves for long-term operations, such as removal of cancer tumors.

Neoprene gloves powder-free hypoallergenic referred to, in the composition of the material does not include akseleratov and proteins.

Why medical gloves without powder are a priority in medicine?

First, let's understand, why some medical pepper