Examination Gloves DERMAGRIP® Classic Powder Free

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Examination Gloves DERMAGRIP® Classic Powder Free

DERMAGRIP® Classic Powder Free Examination Gloves different unique features of textured surface, which allows to maintain excellent sensitivity. This type of gloves to choose when you need a good tactile sensitivity and grip tools provided by the special properties of texture.


lack of powder to prevent skin irritation and over-drying hands;

Textured surface for better grip tools;

high tensile strength minimizes the gap;

excellent sensitivity;

collar with roller for easy on your hands;

minimum level of latex proteins and chemical residues reduces the allergic skin reaction.

A type:

powder-free, non-sterile, hypoallergenic, with a roller, a textured surface of the fingers and palm, ambidekstralnye.


natural latex.


from white to yellow.


They can be used for all types of procedures, not requiring sterility (dental, cosmetic and private clinics, etc.).

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