Latex gloves with powder SafeTouch

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Latex Gloves with powder SafeTouch

Physicians are needed most sensitive gloves for viewing and diagnostic procedures. Latex gloves SafeTouch precisely to this category and relate. Having once opted for the firm SafeTouch, you'll be a supporter of them all. We fill its reserves only quality products. And before you allow for the sale of new products, we personally inspect and test any product.

Latex gloves are a great number of advantages. The resulting latex film on the surface of the hands provide a high-precision tactile sensations. Despite the thinness of the material, gloves perfectly protect the doctor and the patient from infections and pathogens. Gloves are packaged in a convenient box, from which it is easy to get another pair. Comfort when on and off provides a powdery processing gloves nutria. Latex gloves are wear-resistant, they do not break on contact with the piercing and cutting tools, except for intentional strong impact on the product. Gloves are excellent indicators of environmental and hypoallergenic. We have any gloves on his hands. A wide range of sizes will not leave even the large / small hand without gloves. We provide not only wholesale but also retail purchases.

Powdered latex gloves Safe Touch (XS dimensions, S, M, L) 50 x 10 pairs of packs in a box

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