Surgical latex gloves erased. without powder ProFeel EXTRA PROTECTION DHD

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Surgical gloves PROFEEL® DHD ™ EXTRA PROTECTION Powder Free Latex

Gloves are designed for intense exercise during orthopedic surgery for high-risk conditions. Gloves slightly thicker and denser than normal, however, sufficient to retain the tactile sensitivity of the fingers. These gloves are mainly used for enhanced protection instead of double gloves in high-risk environments - in fact, one pair of gloves replaces two conventional.


Damp Hand Donning (DHD ™, wet dressing on hand);

non-uniform textured surface improves the capture tool even in a moist environment;

for extra protection more durable than conventional glove;

reinforced collar also provides a light-weight and putting on a good fit;

is printed on the cuff glove size and logo, for easy identification;

good extensibility reduces the squeezing.

A type:

powder-free, sterilized by gamma radiation, right - left, the natural curve of your fingers, toe thinned surface with a roller.


natural latex.




thicker and durable, resistant to tears and punctures

can be used for traumatology and orthopedics, where a high risk of fracture bone fragments or run-time "rough" manipulate piercing and cutting tools (drills, drills, saws, etc.), as well as during operations in patients at risk, or having which can have dangerous infections transmitted through the blood.

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