Surgical latex gloves erased. without powder ProFeel MICRO DHD

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Surgical gloves PROFEEL® DHD ™ Micro Powder Free Latex

Thinner than conventional surgical gloves, PROFEEL® DHD ™ Micro Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves are designed for manipulation and operations that require high tactile sensitivity, such as microsurgery and ophthalmology. Unique Brown does not create glare under a microscope, does not tire the eyes after long focusing sight in the operative field, contrasted with white napkins and white eyeball and vessels.


Damp Hand Donning (DHD ™, wet dressing on the arm) - a polymer coating facilitates donning, both in dry and in wet environments;

non-uniform textured surface improves the capture tool even in a moist environment;

reinforced collar also provides a light-weight and putting on a good fit;

is printed on the cuff glove size and logo, for easy identification;

good extensibility reduces the squeezing;

bead on the cuff prevents pilling and facilitates donning.

A type:

powder-free, sterilized by gamma radiation, right - left, the natural curve of your fingers, toe thinned surface with a roller.


natural latex.




used in "thin" operations - microsurgery, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, neonatology;

sometimes they prefer and others - such as children's surgeons, gynecologists, Laura.

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