Latex surgical gloves sterile powdered the SFM

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  • Product Code: Хирургические нестерильные опудренные SFM
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Latex surgical gloves sterile powdered the SFM


SURGICAL sterile medical gloves

Designed - for general surgery. It recommended in case of hypersensitivity to latex proteins. No reaction upon contact with skin irritants is achieved by repeated washing of components in the production of gloves.


Length 28.0 cm;

Textured work surface

The anatomical shape (split into left and right)

; 1,0 - AQL factor

Thickness 0.10-0.15 mm;

Powder of modified cornstarch USP XX1;

Cuff with a roller;

white translucent;

sterilizatsiy- amount of 6-8 times.

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