Latex surgical gloves sterile powder-free the SFM

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Latex surgical gloves sterile powder-free the SFM

latex, textured


Soft micro-roughness gloves with a solid foundation, which reduces hand fatigue while working. The most expensive and very high quality gloves.

Sterile Surgical gloves are used when carrying out any operations. The most efficient use of these gloves by surgeons during hours of operation.

Dimensions 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9

The width of the palm of your hand 77 83 89 95 102 108 115

(Mm) ± 5 mm

size 5, 5 - width of the palm - 71 (mm) ± 5 mm

Length 280 mm

The thickness of the palm of 0.15 + / - 0.02 mm

Appearance Natural light in color, with a roller and microtextured

Description developed taking into account the features of the hands, curved fingers, microtextured surface. Composition Natural latex latex compound, sulfur, zinc dibutilditiokarbomat, dietilditiokarbomat zinc, zinc oxide, phenol stearate, titanium oxide, lauric acid, calcium (no additives or thiuram mercaptobenzothiazole)

physical properties

Name Before treatment After 4-fold

processing according to GOST 3-88

Elongation,%, not less than 820 900

The relative residual elongation,%, no more 10 October

Packaging 400 pairs (50 pairs per box, individually packaged in sterile packaging made of laminated paper, box 8 in the box)

The vulcanization accelerator is not more than 0.01%

The water-soluble protein is not more than 80 mg / g

The primary irritation test is negative

The negative Skin sensitivity, lack of allergenic reaction is confirmed by laboratory tests

The quality level (water test) AQL 1,0

Shelf life 3 years

Storage conditions 5-35 ° C, no more than 95% humidity, in a cool dry place in the absence of direct sunlight

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