Nitrile gloves without powder "SafeTouch"

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  • Brand: Medicom
  • Product Code: Нитриловые без пудры "SafeTouch"
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Nitrile gloves without powder SafeTouch

We have good news for those who are faced with an allergy to natural latex. We offer very favorable conditions for wholesale and retail purchase nitrylovyh gloves without powdery layer from a reputable manufacturer SafeTouch. The nitrile gloves are no latex proteins, which are the provocateur allergy. glove manufacturing technology "SafeTouch" has high requirements for manufactured products, which virtually eliminates the marriage.

Due to the strength of the material Ryskov puncture the glove without the use of force mixed by zero. Similarly, things and with tears. Nitrile is very elastic, and for a glove is torn in your hands, have much work.

In addition, a special approach to the manufacture of gloves allows you to be practical to use even without dusting. Gloves without powder needed for people with irritable and sensitive skin of hands.

If you value high quality and would rather not pay, then you're on the right track. Order items in a company to vote Medlan perfect service.

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