Nitrile gloves without powder "Sempercare Nitrile" 100 pairs

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Nitrile gloves without powder "Sempercare Nitrile" 100 pairs

Whatever may have been perfectly adapted latex, yet he can not come into force over the allergy against the background of individual intolerance. But the solution was found. An alternative to latex gloves, nitrile steel. They are made of synthetic material in the composition, which is not latex proteins. This is perfect for fans of latex gloves, are allergic to them. Nitrile gloves are not harmful to the skin, even if you have to work for a long time. They are ideal to cope with its main function, namely to protect against infections dangerous to health and life. There have been many studies, during which has been established and confirmed by the impenetrability of nitrile gloves and high protection against microorganisms. Nitrile gloves even more resistant to punctures, cuts, chemical exposure and other types of damage. They possess high strength at the same fineness as that of latex.

Narrow the list of manufacturers with whom we work, says the high requirements to product and manufacturing technology from the company Medlan. We decided on the basis of producers and among them, pride of place belongs Sempercare Nitrile.

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