Powder free Nitrile gloves SFM

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Powder free Nitrile gloves SFM

non-sterile, powder-free, textures.


nitrile synthetic

textured powder-free, non-sterile gloves.

Designed to work in the medical purposes, dental laboratories, allergy to natural rubber latex.

An excellent choice for those who in their work should be used as gloves without powder, and gloves that do not contain natural rubber latex. These gloves provide excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals used routinely.


of blue color;

AQL -1,5 factor;

neanatomicheskie, flat shape (without division into the right and left hand);

Textured, micro-roughened surface along the entire working surface;



cuff - 240 mm;

thickness - 0.10-0.12 mm;


1. 100% synthetic

- Do not contain natural rubber latex, which eliminates the risk of latex allergy.

- Eliminates the possibility of irritation in people who are sensitive to latex.

2. Powder-free

- The lack of powder.

- Prevents possible contamination of wounds, lab samples and laboratory tests.

- Eliminates dry skin caused by icing.

- Reduces the presence of powder particles in the air.

3. Ease of use

- Increased comfort.

- Thermoelastic material exactly matches the shape of the hand and creates an additional sense of comfort.

4. Resistance to chemicals

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