Vinyl gloves without powder "ROMED"

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  • Brand: Romed
  • Product Code: Виниловые без пудры "ROMED"
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Vinyl gloves without powder ROMED

They say that the demand is there, where there is an offer. Do we agree with this expression? Not really! We are confident that the demand is there, where quality and affordable offer. According to this principle, we sell our products.

What is the benefit to the customer from the purchase of powder-free vinyl gloves from ROMED:

1. The price. Cheap, but very high-quality and flexible gloves, this is one of the main reasons why customers prefer it to this product.

2. The environmental performance and safety. Vinyl - is a great alternative to latex. It does not cause allergies, but no powder does not cause irritation to the hands. The material is non-toxic and clinically tested.

3. The convenience and comfort. Manufacturer thoughtful amenities on and off gloves to detail.

4. The sensitivity. The doctor feels his hands. Due to the high requirements for the development of technology, ROMED vinyl gloves provide the most accurate tactile feedback when the patient's examination.

Features of gloves:

• anatomically shaped left and right hand;

• high elasticity of the material;

• resistant to punctures and tears.

We are sure that you will always be satisfied with our service and the quality of the purchased products.

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